Specializing in  Post Frame Buildings, Post Frame Garages, Horse Barns, Storage Sheds, Hay Sheds, Implement Sheds, and More
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Upon agreement, you will be provided a contract securing your building purchase.  Details on the contract will include building dimensions, porches/ lean-to's, door placements, windows, garage doors, insulation, metal colors etc.  All details concerning your building will be noted in the contract. 

The first step in your project is getting a quote.  Fill out the form on the Quote page for a free, no obligation estimate.  Here we gather general information regarding your custom building.  We will be in touch with you to confirm the details and get your project started.   You may also contact our office directly to speak with a representative 1-866-294-8716.



Site Preparation 


The next step in the process is site preparation.   You will need to have your construction site prepared and level prior to the delivery of materials.  We prefer the site to be within 5 inches to grade.  A professional is recommended for this process.  Our delivery truck will need access to the site for the delivery of materials.  It is also your responsibility to secure any building permits that may be required.  Contact your local codes department for those details.

 Construction is ready to begin.  Our coordinator will contact you to schedule a date for the delivery of materials as well as a date for the construction crew to begin.  Unforeseen factors such as weather are possible to the timeline of completion but we will work immediately once construction begins.